Ethical Hacking Meaning and Types of Ethical Hacking.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

Hacker meaning and types of Hackers?


Ethical Hacker was the people who possess very good knowledge of computer and electronics. They do have very good knowledge to overcome the problem raised in their particular subject. Most of the companies will recruit hackers, for their organization to overcome the situations in the security world or in the cyber world, finding ways to make them do what they do better, or do things they weren’t intended to do.

Hacker is of two types:

White Hat: These people will help and protect from security threats to others/company from not get into illegal skills and activities. They will protect from the Black Hats techniques so that every white hacker will be organized in a company.

Black Hat:  These people will do illegal activities and may involve in malicious activities for their personal benefits. They will hack many bank transactions, cards, and payment gateways. Some of them will hack another website for money. Those guys can be punishable in the court of law and will take serious actions.

Here are Some Hackings of which we will discuss:

Password Hacking

Web Hacking

Network Hacking

Windows Hacking

Linux Hacking

Wireless Hacking

Reasons for Learn Ethical Hacking?

Hidden Techniques

Scope for Career

Worth Investing

Salary Trends

Build Awareness

Become a Certified Expert

Google Trends

Good Pay

The System Security

Knowledge the Power

Online Presence


Why Company will recruit Ethical Hacking?

Companies will recruit Ethical Hacker for the reason to avoid the problem that arose from day to day life. Most of the Companies will recruit hackers to analyze their website performance and results of their complete website. People will monetize all the bugs and then it fixes. The main theme of the Ethical Hacker who has recruited in the company is that he has to check every day the website channels and improves the quality of companies website and he has to control that their website should not be hacked by some else. Hacker must and should do his hacking skills in a legal way.

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